One earring that tells most....two earrings that tell a story....three earrings that tell all....<3

Hello there! and welcome to my website! Everyone calls me Amiss Attire. 
My background in fashion was not by sheer mistake. I guess you can say that in a big way I did not want to be into fashion because I didn't know how to, but always had a way of being fashionable because my mother was an art teacher. She defiantly taught me everything I knew about the arts and about how to use and reuse fashion that was basically throwaways. What you would categorize as scraps and or leftovers that people thrown away . 

These earrings that I create where made out of necessity as well as where created because of so much pain I was feeling. My grandmother had recently died and I had no way of working out my frustration; there wasn't anything I felt compelled to do but to create and be creative. This was my only outlet at the time. But not even really realizing that my artistic endeavors has always been my safe haven. My own trove of knowledge. My earrings have come so far. They have went through a evolution and have grown and blossomed as I have into what they are today. 

A-misses Attire is located in Chelsea Manhattan, but was inspired in Brooklyn!I provide an array of styles, shapes, textures, and designs thus using different Eco and recycled materials. I make my show stopping designs out of old bags, jackets, and other things that may be lying around that I can get my hands on, and or may have been purchased so make a note: Shapes may vary. I currently make fringe earrings embellished with precious stones, vintage beads, wire, and other beautiful crystals. 

They come in different sizes from XS-XL.These one of a kind earrings can be gifts for her, a wedding gift, birthday gift etc. Some designs will come standard, as for the other items I will will be more than happy to customize! 

There will be some new items coming soon! I am local, but I look forward to shipping global soon!Thank you so much for stopping by and providing you love and support! 

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